Microsoft Teams FAQ

Microsoft Teams

We are using Microsoft Teams as our chosen collaboration platform for 2020.

Guests & Members please download Microsoft Teams.

You can join our Team once you have been added to our guest list or you are a member.

You can open Teams using this link to our channel

Methods of Authentication – note you must register with the email you wish to use, or drop us a note to update your email at:

If you have problems, questions you may also email us at

1) Using your personal account you had already created to log in. 

This will prompt you to authorize Microsoft to access your user information. If you had not created a Microsoft account, you can just go here to create a new account. 

2) Gmail – New! – use your Gmail account to authenticate


3) Using One Time Password
With one-time passcode authentication, the guest user can redeem your invitation by clicking a direct link or by using the invitation email. In either case, a message in the browser indicates that a code will be sent to the guest user’s email address. The guest user selects Send code:

Screenshot showing the Send code button

A passcode is sent to the user’s email address. The user retrieves the passcode from the email and enters it in the browser window:

Screenshot showing the Enter code page

The guest user is now authenticated, and they can see the shared resource or continue signing in.


One-time passcodes are valid for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, that specific one-time passcode is no longer valid, and the user must request a new one. User sessions expire after 24 hours. After that time, the guest user receives a new passcode when they access the resource.

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